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Confessions of a Drama Queen

Who I am:

I'm Heather. I'm 27. I'm a daughter, a sister (unfortunately), a friend, a girlfriend, a fangirl.

What I like:

My boyfriend. My friends. TV!!! Books. Movies. Cute clothes. Designer jeans. COACH handbags. Kate Spade Handbags. My DVD collecton. Buying books. iTunes. Shopping. Baking. Cooking. Working out.

My Fandoms


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(The X-Files (Mulder & Scully), JAG (Harm/Mac), Bones (Booth/Brennan, Angela/Hodgins), the office (Jim/Pam), House (House/Cuddy, Chase/Cameron), Grey's Anatomy (Meredith/Derek), Private Practice (Addison/Pete), The OC (Seth/Summer, Ryan/Taylor, Sandy/Kirsten), Gilmore Girls (Rory/Jess, Luke/Lorelei), Dawson's Creek (Pacey/Joey), Alias (Sydney/Vaughn), Guiding Light (Lucy/Alan Michael), Days of Our Lives (Shawn/Belle), Friends (Ross/Rachel), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy/Angel), California Dreams (Jake/Tiffani)

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Fandoms without Favorite 'ships:

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Frasier, The Golden Girls, Dirty Sexy Money, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Army Wives, Greek, Will & Grace


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Harry Potter (Harry/Hermione), High School Musical (Troy/Gabriella), Twilight (Edward/Bella), Titanic (Rose/Jack), Pirates of the Caribbean (Will/Elizabeth)

Other Books I Love:

Other Movies I Love:

[harry + hermione]

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, alias, anti-harry/ginny, anti-obhwf, baking, bella/edward, bones, booth/bones, booth/brennan, boys, catherine bell, cats, charlotte, chocolate, cinderella, clinique happy for men, clothes, coach, college, cooking, cuddy, cuisine, cupcakes, dana scully, dates, david boreanaz, david duchovney, david duchovny, david james elliot, david/emily, demily, derek/meredith, designing women, dial m for murder, dirty sexy money, disney, disney world, dobby, doggett/reyes, elliot/olivia, emily deschanel, emma watson, epilogues that don't suck, florida, food, fox mulder, friends, geraldine brooks, gillian anderson, gilmore girls, golden girls, grace kelly, grey's anatomy, h/g=wtf, harding university high school, harm/mac, harry potter, harry/hermione, high school musical, history, history major, house, house/cuddy, hp, hsm, hugh laurie, huhs, j. crew, jack and rose, jag, jam, jane green, jeans, jenna fischer, jim and pam, jim/pam, john krasinski, kate spade, kate winslet, law & order: svu, leonardo dicaprio, lilly pulitzer, lord of the rings, love, love actually, matt/emily, mean girls, michael vartan, movies, mulder, mulder/scully, nicholas & alexandra, north carolina, orlando bloom, paula deen, people of the book, pirates of the caribbean, pirates of the carribean, polka dot bakeshop, prince william, private practice, reading, remus lupin, robert pattinson, romanov dynasty, ron/luna, russia, russian history, scully, seeley booth, shipper, shopping, sophie kinsella, standoff, studio 60, sydney/vaughn, target, taylor/ryan, temperance brennan, the dark knight, the italian job, the oc, the office, the x-files, titanic, troy/gabriella, troyella, tv, twilight, uncc, vanessa hudgens, walt disney, will/elizabeth, windsor, writing, wtf jkr, x-files, year of wonders, zac efron, zanessa, zefron