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Friend cut.

I just did a pretty major cut. If I removed you, please remove me as well.



TV/Movie Collection...

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*** Edited 9/14/09 ***

Jul. 29th, 2009

I just did a small friends cut. If you can't access THIS entry, please remove me from your f-list.


So I stole this last year, but since I didn't make my goal I'm going for it again this year, but upping the amounts.

Watch 100 (new) movies and read 100 (new) books in 2009 and keep a list open.Collapse )


So I saw these the other day on ONTD and have been so busy I forgot about them.

My 14 year old self is jumping up and down at the loveliness.Collapse )

It's sad how obsessed I am with the two of them. And these pictures seriously made my day, since there are none of them at the Titanic premiere, since she wasn't there. And speaking of Titanic, guess what tomorrow is. Ok, I'll tell you :) The anniversary of it's release in theaters. December 19, 1997. Damn, I feel soooo old.

And does anyone else think it's incredibly unfair how fucking gorgeous she is? Because I do. So not fair. She looks better now than she did eleven years ago. He's not nearly as attractive as he was, but she has aged SO well.

Nov. 23rd, 2008

I just did a friends cut. If you can not see THIS ENTRY, please remove me as well.

Oct. 24th, 2008

Wow... I was just editing the tags on some journal entries (i'm so tired, but can't fall asleep!) and I found this snippet of an IM convo between Tyler and I from 2003.

cowboyrps13: Hé le bébé, je viens de vouloir vous permettez de sait comment beaucoup que vous me signifiez, LE MONDE. J'aime la touche de vos mains contre moi, la peau douce, et la froideur. J'aime réveiller à vous dans le matin, tenant vous tendu comme nous nous couchons. J'aime l'audience vous dites que vous m'aimez, j'aime seulement l'audience vous m'appelez un dork. Je souhaite que je vous pourrais donner le monde, mais puisque je ne peux pas, je vous ai donné mon coeur. Je Vous Aime et je ne vous donnerais pas en haut pour n'importe quoi!
Girl4God583: o...k... translate please O:-):-*
cowboyrps13: :-)
cowboyrps13: Hey baby, I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me, THE WORLD. I love the touch of your hands against me, the soft skin, and the coldness. I love waking up to you in the morning, holding you tight as we go to bed. I love hearing you say you love me, i love just hearing you call me a dork. I wish i could give you the world, but since i can't, i gave you my heart. I Love You and i wouldn't give you up for anything!

I'd like to go to Florida right now and castrate him.


Dying over and over and over again.

And because I'm feeling nostalgic...